19 kg Australian Gidgee BBQ Lump Charcoal



Gidgee lump charcoal fires the grills, rotisserie and ovens of hundreds of restaurants, charcoal chicken shops and BBQ shops throughout Australia. Barbeque Charcoal is perfect for Low and Slow barbeques and traditional style cooking as well as open fireplaces and other forms of fire heating and cooking.

Gidgee wood charcoal is a premium BBQ fuel that produces sustained heat, low ash residue and is free from added chemicals or additives of any kind. It burns hotter and longer than many other charcoals in the local market with a burn time of approximately 5 hrs.

This all natural lump Gidgee charcoal is sourced and made in Australia. Gidgee charcoal for bbq burns hot and long and contains no additives. This premium hardwood lump charcoal is made from Gidgee wood timbers, has unique properties and is the 3rd most dense timber in the world. Perfect for rotisserie spit, offset smokers, bbq spit rotisseries, spit roast, bbq spits, spits, bbq rotisserie and charcoal bbq with rotisserie. 



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